In Nigeria and most African countries it is already an insult to ask someone a question like ‘Are you an Idiot’ I mean an answer may not be what you get, in most cases you have just asked for a fight or a beating relative to your physical capabilities, but this is not the reason for this post. Let us consider the word ‘Idiot’ and its original meaning before it was misused like most words.

This word originated from Ancient Greece where political participation was the conventional reasoning like it was a customary thing for you to be involved in Politics in ancient Athens, assuming this was like in our modern days it will mean that either you were directly involved in the politics at the Polling units, Wards, LGA, States and Federal levels or you at least had a Voters card.

Those who had none of these or were involved in none of these were referred to as ΙΔΙΩΤΕΣ or what we now know as IDIOT,originating from the word “Idios” (ΙΔΙΟΣ) which means the self. As stated by History Disclosure on the 15th of September, 2015 in the article “What does the Word ‘Idiot’ really mean? Where does it come from” 

Being apolitical and selfish was frowned upon and all citizens aspired to be politically active. It was rare for citizens to demonstrate apathy towards what was happening in their state and common issues.The overwhelming majority of Athenians participated in politics to a greater or lesser extent. Those who did not contribute to politics and the community were known as “Idiotes” (ΙΔΙΩΤΕΣ),originating from the word “Idios” (ΙΔΙΟΣ) which means the self. If you did not demonstrate social responsibility and political awareness you were considered apathetic, uneducated and ignorant. The word was transferred to latin as “idiota” and was used to describe an uneducated, ignorant, inexperienced, common person.”

How many of you are Politically Aware? I think the answer to that question will be overwhelmingly in the favour of ‘Yes I am’ but how many people intend to go under the sun, stand in a queue and acquire their voters card, then the numbers begins to dwindle in the favour of “No, I have other things to do,” finally if I were to take the numbers of those of you who will vote come rain come sun in the February, 2019 general elections, then the numbers will lean greatly to “No, I fear for my security, it is not the sun”

Thus Nigeria, has not been changed because people who cannot read and write are the major determinant of the Leaders that will make the laws for us, people who do not also fear for their security have called  the shot, people who don’t have things to do are people with Permanent Voters Cards, or maybe not. However, when a country is filled with so many Idiots, what sort of leaders do you think they can produce? Whoever those leaders will be they will not feel the need to be accountable to you, because you are not supposed to care – that is the deal. Idiots don’t care about the matters arising in Politics, they just like to mind their business, so when that leader is elected he feels he is still not your business, why should he be? Most of the ones that elected him were paid, giving bags of rice and different wrappers or will soon be giving appointments. He has settled those who cared, you who could not be settled did not care enough or did not care at all.

Are you an Idiot?

Look at the image below and go and register to vote, no more empty talks.

No.3 Federal Staff Hospital Gwarinpa
No 3. Gwarinpa Model Primary School should be Federal Staff Hospital, Gwarinpa