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You’re broken

You were broken…

Don’t fight it because that is the truth.

You are being broken as we speak, don’t fight it because that is also the truth. 

The question is, what broke you?

 As a human being, there are only two entities that can break you, in spite of what you believe. One only started existing in medieval Babylonian times but the other, well, no one knows when He started existing. As a matter of fact, some say “He existed before the beginning began” 

These two things are Money and God (here, I am referring to Jesus).

What about hurt, hate, love (romance), anger, etc? Those things can break you but they are  products of something else, which means on their own, they have no power except they were applied; and as such, if there was a ‘breaking’, it was from the outside to the  inside. The outside to inside breaking is only temporal and transient, it cannot be trusted* hence, for the purpose of this article, little or no reference will be made to it. Our focus will be on the brokenness that begins from inside to the outside.

This brokenness is what determines choices, resolutions, beliefs, generally, things that eventually show forth at the outside. Money seems to be winning in this race of brokenness more than ever, but these are the last days so this is not really a surprise because the  Good Book already hinted at this in 1 Timothy 3:1-2 –

But know this, that in the last days [a] perilous times will come,  [b] For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money… 

1 Timothy 3:1-2

I just want to clear something here, people often think this scripture isn’t talking about them because they feel to love money is just to love having money and you refuse to share a little of it, No! To love money is simply to worship money and how do you worship money? It is also simple! To worship money is to do what money says: 

You: I want that car

Money: Have you seen your account balance

You: Yes, but I really like that car

Money: Okay, then start saving from today and maybe in 5 years you can have that car.

You: Is there a shorter cut

Money: Are you sure you can handle it?

You: Yes

Money: Stop tithing.

You: Okay

Money: Why do you give so much in offering?

You: Because I have

Money: Well, do you want to buy that car?

You: Yes

Money: Give only your last change or better still, give nothing at all because you don’t have.

You: Okay, anything else

Money: Take another job

You: But I already do not have time for myself

Money: You can have enough time when you’re inside your new car

You: Okay 

Because of the conversations people have with money at every junction of their lives they do not care to find out what God says about any issue money has already spoken about, some knowingly or unknowingly take the side of the last rich guy that spoke about it morally. 

Morality vs Christianity

I think it is time we addressed this issue of Morality vs Christianity squarely, because Morality is not Christianity. You cannot morally become a Christian; you can’t. It’s not just possible. 

However, let us read again from the good book in 1 Timothy 3:5,

Having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!

1 Timothy 3:5

There are people like this and slowly, these people have creeped into the church and corrupted some Christians, making them to believe such things like ‘it is okay to have sex because you are having it with your boyfriend or your girlfriend.’ There are people who believe God is good but He is not good enough to give them a car without savings. It is funny to see some people who believe God is good enough to prepare a mansion for them in Heaven but is not a good enough to give them a bungalow on the earth.

The breaking by God:

When God breaks you, the actions you take after that becomes a worship to Him. You cannot worship God on your terms. As a matter of fact, God has to teach you how to worship Him daily. The breaking you received, be it from God or Money, leads to a testimony and most times, the previous week’s testimony is not enough for this week.

So, if you’re of the opinion that your breaking will be a one-off thing, that is false. As a matter of fact God may have broken you yesterday and Money breaks you today. You should therefore endeavor to check yourself as often as possible. The bible also says so in 2 Corinthians 13:5

Keep examining yourselves to see whether you are continuing in the faith. Test yourselves!

1 Corinthians 13:5A ISV

God breaks people but it’s not as difficult as you think. It may look difficult at first but when you continue through faith you will realize it is all worth it – the peace, balance, understanding, wisdom and truth that you’ll function with, will be that of the ancients and also that of the age to come. 

The breaking from God begins from a personal level, it doesn’t really begin from a church or from a cooperate gathering. It starts from having a true relationship with God personally, then you continue when you gather with other believers. The breaking of God is not a form of godliness it is actually godliness. It cannot deny the power because its testimony talks about the power of God. The testimony of those broken by money leaves God out totally or includes God’s part as that of a Bystander and their part as that of a Major Participant. The testimony that proceeds from God is the other way round.

So who is breaking you?

Money or God?

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