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Young people have so many dreams, so many desires, so many expectations but they are often disappointed when faced with the realities of A PROCESS, they are disappointed when God tells them that most times His way up is down.

They believe they have being marked for fame so they should not be seen doing menial things like having a friendly chat with a taxi driver even when the taxi driver is not friendly. Yeah, that is where you really see they have a problem. if you fail them or they think you fail them or things generally does not go according to the script written by Kim Kardashian and endorsed by Linda Ikeji, they explode.

In the same way I have noticed that there is an overwhelming number of young people that wear their unexpected challenges as a garment; a garment laced with all the beautiful jewelries and they do this so that you and everyone who cares to see will know that THEY JUST CAN’T ANYMORE

They don’t try very much to find out if there is still a way the situation can be managed “It is not my fault after all” they smirk, and continue their downward spiral into negativity and creative excuses they popularly call REASONS backed up with a hungry Internet fan base that loves to hear and read these sort of stories.

If this is you let me be the first one to break the terrible news to you, YOU WON’T GO FAR and it is not a prayer point it is just the fact. You won’t go far in relationships, you won’t go far in parenting and you won’t go far in a job except that job was not going far before you joined.

And, If I have to tell you the other side of this equation then maybe you should not be reading this.

Oh by the way the writer is also young.

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